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Early intervention for lifelong smiles

This is the first step on your child’s journey to a perfect smile! Phase 1 or Interceptive Treatment is an early intervention approach that addresses orthodontic issues before they become more complex. Led by Dr. Truong, our skilled team is dedicated to setting the foundation for your child’s future oral health.

Want to find out if your child could benefit from Irvine interceptive orthodontic treatment? Request a free consultation with Dr. Truong today.

Proactive Approach

Allows us to correct potential issues early on, minimizing the need for more invasive treatments in the future.

Improved Oral Health

Contributes to overall oral health, preventing issues like crowding, misalignment, and improper bite.

Boosted Confidence

Early intervention can enhance your child’s self-esteem as they grow up with a smile they love.

Tailored Treatment

Phase 1 treatment is tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Free Initial Consultation

Are you thinking about investing in orthodontic treatment for your child? We are here to help them build a healthy smile for the rest of their lives. Reach out to us online or call (714) 544-5544.

When should my child see an orthodontist?

If your child is having issues like:

Severe Crowding

Crossbites (anterior or posterior)

Misaligned jaws (overbite or underbite)

Habits like thumb sucking

Permanent teeth that erupt prematurely or late

Dr. Truong and our amazing team will take a close look at your child’s mouth and guide you on the best course of action.

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More reasons to smile

At Mint Orthodontics, we’re all about honesty and openness. We believe orthodontic care is one of the best gifts you can give your child, and we’re here to make this journey as easy as possible. From working with a variety of dental insurance providers to offering flexible financing solutions, we’ve got your back!

In-house financing plan

Getting started on Phase 1/Interceptive Treatment is a breeze with our handy in-house financing plan. No complicated forms, no credit checks, and 0% interest.

Our patients’ smiles say it best

“I had a very challenging orthodontic situation. I didn’t find that level of service with other orthodontists and cannot say enough good things about Dr. Troung and his staff.”

— Anthony L.

“I came here with my 2 kids. They were very reluctant at first, but, walking in, it feels so friendly and welcoming. They also have games to keep you entertained while you wait.”

— Kate N. 

“Dr. Truong is my favorite orthodontist. He is knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. I felt I was in the best hands the whole time.”

— Makhan N. 

Answers to your questions

When's the right time for my child to start Phase 1 treatment?

Every child is unique, but a good rule of thumb is to consider an evaluation around age 7. Starting early can help us steer growth in the right direction, making future treatments quicker and easier.

How long does Phase 1 treatment usually last?

Depending on your child’s specific needs, Phase 1 treatment can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.

Does my child need braces after Phase 1 treatment?

Sometimes, yes. Phase 1 treatment mainly focuses on guiding jaw growth and creating space for permanent teeth. After this, braces might be needed to align the teeth perfectly.

Is Phase 1 treatment covered by dental insurance?

Many dental insurance plans cover Phase 1 treatment, but it can vary. Don’t worry, our team will work closely with your insurance provider to maximize your benefits.

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