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Orthognathic surgery, often known as corrective jaw surgery, plays an important role in treating significant orthodontic issues like severe overbites or underbites.

At Mint Orthodontics, we specialize in diagnosing these conditions and preparing patients for surgery, which is expertly performed by our partnered oral surgeons. Discover how this treatment can transform your smile and overall oral health. Request a free consultation with Dr. Truong today.

Smile Confidently

Experience a renewed confidence with a balanced, symmetrical smile post-surgery.

Improved Oral Function

Enjoy the functional benefits of surgery, like better chewing and speaking abilities.

Enhanced Appearance

Notice a positive change in facial structure and aesthetics.

Comprehensive Dental Health

Contribute to overall dental health by correcting structural issues.

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Considering Irvine orthognathic surgery for lasting dental transformation? At Mint Orthodontics, we’re dedicated to guiding you and your child toward a healthier, more beautiful smile. Get in touch online or call us at (714) 544-5544 for your complimentary consultation.

When should I consult for surgical orthognathics?

Orthognathic jaw surgery is advised to be done on adults, it can be diagnosed as needed and worked up for children but then usually surgery is done at an adult age. Most of our surgical patients are around 18-25 years old, so young adults.

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At Mint Orthodontics, transparency, and trust are our cornerstones. We believe Irvine orthognathic surgery is a life-changing step, and we’re here to simplify this process. From navigating dental insurance to flexible payment options, we’re with you every step of the way.

In-house financing plan

Getting started on surgical orthognathic and orthodontic treatments is simple with our affordable in-house financing plan. No complicated forms, no credit checks, and 0% interest.

Our patients’ smiles say it best

“I had a very challenging orthodontic situation. I didn’t find that level of service with other orthodontists and cannot say enough good things about Dr. Troung and his staff.”

— Anthony L.

“I came here with my 2 kids. They were very reluctant at first, but, walking in, it feels so friendly and welcoming. They also have games to keep you entertained while you wait.”

— Kate N. 

“Dr. Truong is my favorite orthodontist. He is knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. I felt I was in the best hands the whole time.”

— Makhan N. 

Answers to your questions

What is Irvine orthognathic surgery?

It’s a specialized surgical procedure that helps us correct significant jaw and dental issues, often in conjunction with orthodontic treatments.

Who needs this type of surgery?

This procedure is ideal for patients with severe overbite, underbite, or jaw asymmetry that can’t be corrected with braces alone.

At what age should I schedule a consultation for orthognathic surgery for my child?

We want to diagnose and possible treat some of these patients non-surgically at adolescent ages.  If the skeletal discrepancies are too large, we can plan and set up the arches for jaw surgery to be done at an adult age once the patient stops growing.

Is the surgery painful?

Our trusted oral surgeons use sedation to ensure a comfortable, pain-free experience during the procedure.

How long is the recovery after surgery?

Recovery varies, but with our comprehensive care, patients usually resume normal activities within a few weeks.

Can orthognathic surgery improve my overall health?

Absolutely! It not only enhances your smile but also improves chewing, speech, and long-term oral health.

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